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Jim Denning

Jim Denning

CEO of LHi Group

I'm Jim, CEO of LHi Group.

LHi has a unique culture, it marries seamlessly the blend of hardworking successful consultants with a start-up style vibe where people love what they do! As if this is not enough, our culture is underpinned by a large scale business which gives both the consultants and our clients a real sense of security and confidence that we will always deliver. We are a business that is not afraid of taking chances, we regularly back individuals to start new markets or break new territories as we have seen in recent years with the opening of new offices around the world. If you are in the recruitment industry and want to be part of a rapidly growing, internationally successful and most importantly great place to work then look no further than LHi!

Having moved to California for a few years, I am now basically addicted to two things… brunch and basketball… let's go Clippers!