Project Delivery Partners You Can Trust

XPS (an LHi Group company) is focused on delivering expert project solutions to our customers across the UK. We provide deliverable-based outcomes to support our clients in achieving their technology transformation objectives efficiently and transparently. 

our specialisms


Cloud and Digital Transformation

XPS are joining forces with our customers to transform the manner in which they work and serve their clients through various digital channels.

We steer our clients on an innovation journey, assisting and coaching them through agile engineering, supplementing their internal teams with our own resource pools and subject matter experts.


Cyber and Digital Security

XPS works meticulously with clients to ensure security is at the forefront and is a key component of any platform and solution. 

We work with clients to ensure security is of paramount importance when releasing software solutions and strive to ensure it is not just part of the solution, but part of our clients’ culture.


Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud computing has had a major impact on how our customers build, scale, and maintain their technology products. The pace at which they must react and adjust to their consumers’ demands is forever increasing and this is where XPS can help.

Through our automation consultants, XPS can deliver IaC solutions into clients’ infrastructure both on-premise and for leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and GCP.